Fed Reporter, Inc. to provide Software for Call Reporting to Fiserv

Agoura Hills, CA, December 31, 2011 – Fed Reporter, Inc. today announced a strategic partnership with Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ:FISV), a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions.

Fed Reporter's popular SmartCall™ regulatory reporting product will be available to Fiserv clients using the Premier®, Precision® and Cleartouch® bank platforms. SmartCall, an advanced FFIEC-certified Call Report software system, enables financial institutions to more efficiently prepare and submit their required quarterly financial statement of condition to U.S. banking regulatory agencies. The solution is used successfully by more than 1,000 financial institutions of all sizes operating in the U.S. Click the Fed Reporter Fiserv Press Release link to read the entire press release.

July 22, 2010

Data Center Inc. endorses Fed Reporter SmartCall Call Report Software

HUTCHINSON, KAN., July 22, 2010 – DCI, a provider of full-service bank technology and processing solutions to the financial industry, is pleased to announce our partnership with FedReporter Inc. to bring you SmartCall, a new automated and economical solution to make your call reporting faster and easier than ever.
An immediate benefit of SmartCall is the SmartWindow technology and design that intelligently presents only those call report details that your bank needs to complete. You no longer have to scroll through endless blank forms to find the areas that apply to you. SmartCall also conveniently displays the prior quarterly values while you complete your report so you don’t have to manually refer back and forth between different screens or reports.
Fed Reporter President Phil Templer says: “We are very excited to be working with DCI, and share their commitment to bring DCI bankers the best customer experience with better software, better service and better value.”
SmartCall integrates closely with iCore360® using the latest technology and design for an easy transition from manual preparation to automated report generation. By automatically downloading your call report data from iCore360°, SmartCall greatly simplifies the process to save time and reduce errors with more visibility, control and audit trails, which examiners prefer. FedReporter will also handle all necessary setup and conversion from your current solution.
“We are proud to present FedReporter to our clients,” says John Jones, DCI president and CEO. “They are renowned & trusted FFIEC experts with the most advanced call reporting software and support available – a perfect fit for DCI and iCore360°.” Other exclusive SmartCall features include bank performance and peer group reports as well as SmartRCR that automatically calculates the complicated RCR (Risk based Capital) schedule

March 21, 2010

Fed Reporter 'SmartExpress' released

New generation FFIEC Call Report preparation software enables bankers to integrate with bank Processing (core) systems

Agoura Hills, California − March 11, 2010−Fed Reporter Inc. has just announced the release of their new SmartExpress system. SmartExpress is a valued add-on module to the successful SmartCall Call Reporting system released in January.
SmartExpress is designed to greatly automate the process of Call Report preparation. Ken Lemoine, COO of Fed Reporter says “SmartExpress enables the banker to dramatically reduce the overall time to prepare the bank’s Call Report and at the same time provide for much more detailed and accurate audit trail capability.”

January 1, 2010

Fed Reporter 'SmartCall' released

New generation FFIEC Call Report preparation software incorporates new concepts, advanced technology.

Agoura Hills, California−January 1, 2010−Fed Reporter Inc. has announced the official release of it’s widely anticipated 'SmartCall' Call Reporting system. Fed Reporter’s SmartCall Call Report Software is designed to take advantage of the many new advances in computer software technology to make preparation and submission of the quarterly FFIEC Call Report easier and more cost effective than ever before.. “SmartCall incorporates an entirely new concept of presenting the Call Report for both ease of use and giving the preparer valuable information from a single screen” said Phil Templer, President of Fed Reporter

September 1, 2009

Fed Reporter 'SmartCall' introduced

Call Report preparation software incorporates new concepts, advanced technology

Agoura Hills, California−September 1, 2009−Fed Reporter Inc. has released details of its upcoming 'SmartCall' Call Reporting system. A departure from existing applications, SmartCall takes advantage of recent advancements in technology to provide a set of "intelligent" features that simplify and streamline the Regulatory Reporting process.
"SmartCall evaluates a great deal of information before it presents itself to the user, " said Ken Lemoine, Fed Reporter COO. "This allows us to continuously customize the reporting process based on the institution's requirements - a concept that will change the way Call Reports are prepared going forward."
Since its inception, Fed Reporter has offered highly cost-effective applications, and SmartCall will continue that trend. "To succeed In our industry today, value must be coupled with a superior feature set," Mr. Lemoine added.
A preview of the SmartCall system will be available on the company's website - www.fedreporter.net - in mid-September 2009.

August 15, 2009

Fed Reporter partners with Interest Rate Risk Specialists

FedReporter to offer Plansmith’s market-leading solution

Agoura Hills, California−August 15, 2009−FedReporter Inc., has announced an official partnership with Plansmith, the nation’s leader in Interest Rate Risk, forecasting and planning systems for community banks. The partnership enables Fed Reporter to enhance their Regulatory Reporting offerings with the immediate release of RiskGPS, a web-based system that automatically generates high quality board-ready presentation reports. “The beauty of this system is the extraordinary ease-of-use and instant access to this valuable information” said Fed Reporter President Phil Templer. “The user barely has to lift a finger to generate their bank’s current profile, and they can rest easy knowing this system is proven in over a thousand banks around the country”.
The struggle continues for banks to minimize their expenses while ensuring accurate compliance with on-going regulatory requirements. “The cost-efficiency and pure convenience of Risk GPS contributes to its’ popularity”, continues Templer. “Accurately monitoring interest rate risk is a critical function in today’s environment, however banks want to spend as little time and money as possible, but get something dependable to satisfy their examiners. Risk GPS is the perfect solution”.
Craig Hartman has been at the helm since he founded Plansmith in 1989. “I’m very excited to partner with the FedReporter team” says Hartman. “Their wealth of experience and reputation for innovation, quality and reliability is second to none. I’m honored to partner with them. Both Companies place a premium on superior services and better value. I look forward to a long, successful association with Fed Reporter.”

June 1, 2009

Fed Reporter, Inc. launched by industry experts

Company to focus on FFIEC Regulatory Reporting Solutions

Agoura Hills, California−June 1, 2009−Bruce Gall, founder of DPSC Software - the original FFIEC Call Report company that revolutionized this niche industry has formed Fed Reporter, Inc. to better serve financial institutions with their Government regulatory reporting. Mr. Gall has assembled the most successful and expert call report people. “We have spearheaded this industry from the beginning and our experience spans three decades” said Gall. “We have a unique insight into the state of the marketplace and how best to improve this vital service for banks. The market is currently dominated by two huge corporations that are focused on other areas of banking. The marketplace is telling us that regulatory reporting software prices are out of control and service has deteriorated. I’m very excited about this great opportunity to provide banks a compelling alternative to the current offerings”.
In an industry facing increasing regulatory oversight and budget restraints, it seems Mr.Gall’s foray back into this challenging market is well-timed. “In the beginning we’ll start with the basics” continued Gall. “We’ve hit the ground running with reliable, easy-to-use and very cost-effective solutions with high-touch personalized service that helped us forge long-term relationships with thousands of banks ranging from small community banks to the world’s largest financial institutions. Then we’ll re-invent and evolve with some ideas and technologies that will enhance our product line and provide infinitely more value. Our fundamental goal is to greatly improve the reporting experience for banks at a reasonable price. Exactly the same objective I had with DPSC. It is more relevant today than ever.”
Fed Reporter brings together a proven cast of characters - in Software Development, Management, Sales, and Customer Support - with specialized expertise in this field. This strong unit has led the way from the beginning with ground-breaking advances and dependable services that other companies have tried to emulate. “The old cliché ‘Good technology is only as good as the people behind it’, is completely appropriate for the banking industry” stated Gall. “You can’t just send software and bill. Bankers deserve more. You have to have a clear understanding of the source data, the reporting process, government requirements, the changing banking environment and an unequivocal commitment to exemplary support. Now our team is positioned to excel as part of an independent company dedicated to exceptional service and value.”
Fed Reporter currently provides solutions for FFIEC call reporting, FR Bank Holding company reporting, and Interest Rate Risk Monitoring.

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