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Call Report Loan Data Based Solution

Fed Reporter's SmartCECL-CR® was developed by professionals with accounting and credit management experience in financial institutions of all sizes. With SmartCECL-CR®, you will have a streamlined CECL process that is both affordable and meets the regulators' requirements.

SmartCECL-CR® enables many institutions with simpler loan portfolios to easily comply with the new standards. Features include:

  • Straightforward desktop application installation with no additional costs for setup.
  • Import capability from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Comma-Separated Values (CSV) files, and standard Alert files.
  • Intuitive interface allows users to input additional data elements and adjustments, as needed.
  • CECL reserve calculations (WARM method) are readily available for any selected time period.
  • Generates several reports to support results for your Management, Board, and Examiners.
  • Up-to-date peer data is managed and automatically updated by Fed Reporter.
For more information about SmartCECL-CR® and/or a product pricing request.