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Alternately, for institutions with simpler loan portfolios, we have SmartCECL-CR®. Our application includes an exclusive amortization engine that utilizes your available loan extract data, which can be mapped to predefined FFIEC Call Report segments. SmartCECL-CR provides an easy, no-cost setup with an intuitive interface, to quickly calculate your reserve and generate the supporting reports management and examiners want to see.

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Customized ACL Management Solution

Fed Reporter's SmartCECL-Complete was developed by professionals with accounting and credit management experience in financial institutions of all sizes. With SmartCECL-Complete, you will have a CECL process that is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to explain.

SmartCECL-Complete is a customizable and affordable system that can be adapted to fit all sizes of financial institutions. Features include:

  • Works with your currently available data sources which we develop to fit the size and structure of your institution's loan portfolio.
  • Intuitive design allowing for simple adjustments to all input parameters for your portfolio segmentation.
  • Allows for platform governance and internal control considerations.
  • Provides easy to explain calculations to estimate the Average Remaining Life and Loss Rate. Most institutions will be able to complete their initial ACL estimate in less than 15 minutes.
  • Outputs all necessary board, regulatory, and financial reports, and disclosures, along with numerous audit trail capabilities.
  • Peer trend analysis and economic adjustments for reasonable forecasts are automatically developed and incorporated into the ACL process.
  • Emphasizes consultative personal attention from our Fed Reporter CECL experts throughout all stages of the implementation process.

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