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SmartCECL® Portfolio Management Suite

Fed Reporter's SmartCECL solution is a comprehensive suite of modules designed to simplify your transition to the new FASB CECL ALLL standard.

SmartCECL is a customizable and affordable system that can be adapted to fit all sizes of financial institutions. Features include:

  • Easy-to-use design allowing for simple adjustments to all input parameters for your portfolio segmentation.
  • Works with your currently available data sources which we develop to fit the size and structure of your institution's loan portfolio.
  • Emphasizes consultative personal attention from our Fed Reporter CECL experts.
  • Easily configurable – includes all acceptable methodologies.
  • Uses a "scenario" concept, allowing management to develop and compare multiple scenarios, either during the development process or as challenger models.
  • Provides platform for governance and internal control considerations.
  • Outputs all necessary board, regulatory, and financial reports, along with numerous audit trail capabilities.
  • Documented, provable results – assuring no regulatory concerns about the correct methodology or accuracy of the reserve estimate.

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