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Whatever your Holding Company's size, we have your filing needs covered. Our SmartY9® and SmartY9-SP® solutions simplify your Federal Reserve data collection and reporting process.

Electronically file your FR Y-9C, FR Y-9LP, FR Y9-SP, FR Y-11 and FR Y-11S reports directly to the FRB's Reporting Central website.

  • Easily imports your subsidiary bank data from SmartCall┬« as well as historical data from the Federal Reserve.
  • Our SmartWindow includes an on-screen Audit Trail, historical data graphs, and notes capability.
  • SmartY9┬« includes extensive FRB edit checks and the FRB's line item instructions.
  • Utilize the SmartY9Express┬« tool to import and map data, reducing filing time and risk of errors.
  • Provides a built-in link to transmit your reports via the Reporting Central website.
  • Generate presentation-quality performance reports for management, including several with peer data, off our robust Reports menu.
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